The Growing Opportunities In Crucial Issues Of Bedding Sets

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The lawyer said Hernandez penned the remarks last month as he defended himself against double murder charges. "I think I'm going to hang it up. LOL," Aaron Hernandez allegedly wrote the inmate. (Stephan Savoia/AP) A jury acquitted Hernandez April 14, and Hernandez hanged himself with a bedsheet five days later. Kennedy, in a statement, called Hernandez his friend. "I miss my friend, Aaron Hernandez," Kennedy said. "I'd like to send my condolences to his fiancee and his daughter. I would ask the media to respect the privacy of my family. this is a private matter that doesn't concern them." Army said Kennedy wants the letter and a $47,000 custom-made watch that he says Hernandez verbally gifted to him on his birthday last summer.

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