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How The Double Mercury Trines Of 9/7 Will Affect Your Love Life And Relationships This Week

With these two trines, it’s as if we are finally feeling free to follow our hearts. There has been so much stale energy over the summer, not because nothing was happening but because we were asked to pause our lives so we could have more time to work on ourselves before we were able to move on for good. RELATED:  What The Planets Your Horoscope Always Mentions Actually Mean As we’ve seen planets start to turn direct, we have been slowly moving ahead and feeling more positive about those changes we’re beginning to implement. However, there still has been this aspect of wondering if now is the right time. This trine will feel as if suddenly, we’ve reached the space we’ve been in search of all along — the place where we feel free to move forward. Saturn in Capricorn is again another dose of earth energy. The changes that are taking place during this time are very grounded, stable, and the decisions that we make because of that will be a lasting and beneficial commitment. Saturn is the lord of time and karma, and during his retrograde period he gave us extra time to work through an issue so we would be able to step up to our responsibilities and be the people we have been growing into all along. Saturn in Capricorn wants stability, balance, and is ready to make a commitment. But it’s not about just doing this because someone else wants us to or because we feel pressure; instead, it’s about us making a conscious choice to commit to something or someone that we feel is meant to be a beneficial part of our future. Saturn and Uranus are curious partners in helping us create a future that we could never have expected.

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Thread | Sign-based aspects in astrology and the qualities of & relationships between signs of the zodiac. Modern astrology focuses on DEGREE-based aspects, but these are not the only aspects used traditionally in astrology. Let's talk about another kind of aspect.
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